Martian Luther King Jr.

The Great dream that One man had...

While today is recognized nationwide as a holiday we must stop and take a look at the reason today is a holiday. It is when you look closely you will see it is much more than that. It is in recognition of one man who dared to see a better future. It is in remembrance of a man’s dreams that Everyone has an equal opportunity and Equal Right’s. It is to celebrate the ideals that holds us together as a family and as a Nation.

Let not the political divide that pelages our great nation seed you with anger and hate. Let not the speech from the power-hungry sow distrust for your neighbor. Let not the Devil take residence in your mind and drive your life into hopelessness, torture, and despair.

You are of the same cloth as the man we celebrate today just as I am. We are all no matter the pigment of our skin a creation of God Almighty. We are created in his image with the power to overcome the trials this world.

We can overcome the hate and divide. We can succeed where the enemy tries to make us fail. Stand together and stand strong for equal Rights, equal Opportunity and for equal Justice!

We are a family of Brother's and Sister's Father's, Mother's, Children, and Parent's. Seed your child's mind with Love, Understanding and acceptance. The weeds of fear, anger, and hate need not be let into the minds of anyone. Breath the air of righteousness with your fellow man and accept the forgiveness of the Lord. 

I have provided a link below to the full speech given by the man who had a dream. Please listen to it all. It is a very important speech that is the beginning of a movement and still relevant today in our divided nation.

#MLK #MartinLutherKing #FreeAtLast #EqualRights #Freedom

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