Uvalde, Texas shooting

Uvalde, Texas shooting

My heart goes out to the family’s and people of Uvalde, Texas. The murder of the children and teachers there is senseless and preventable.

There were many signs that the person who carried out this horrible act of violence was on edge. The people around this person could have prevented this.

The problem dose not stem from the guns he had in his possession. This young offender is a victim of society and its failures. The people around him knew he needed help. His friends and coworkers knew he was troubled.  The problem started with a broken home and a disability. The emotional stress this person was dealing with was obviously not addressed in a positive manner. People can be cruel, especially kids of all ages.

Psychologists are part of the issue as well because they teach children and people how to deflect and to Not accept responsibility for their own actions.

This person was in a downward spiral and was going to commit acts of aggression in one fashion or another. We need to address the root cause of these kids snaping like they are. It is not a gun that makes them snap. It is a lack of lessons on how to deal with their emotional trauma.  It is a lack of support and human interaction. It is a lack of family structure, and It is a lack of God in their life.

This young offender very well could have led a different path if people around him would have stretched out an arm of understanding and care, stood by him, treated him with respect, and let him know that there are people who will be by his side and love. If you take away the support structure of God, Family, and friends then people will tread the path of anger.


Please if you know someone who is struggling reach out to them. Do not condemn them, Do not tease them, do not treat them like trash.


The fact is this problem has been in the making for a while and NO ONE stood up to help this boy.


I feel sad for all the victims of this act of violence, and I say it was not a this boy who is the only one involved. If you knew he was troubled, and yet you did NOTHING then You are partly to blame. If you were one of the people who bullied this child for a speech impediment, Then You are part of the problem and carry some of the blame.

The solution is to teach children that there is consequences to their actions, Arrest the people who bullied this offender and other bullies like them, Support a family unit, Stand by the children who are in bad situations and show them that there is good in this world and teach them how to be part of it. Arm and train teachers to defend their students.

The gun in this tragedy was one of many tools that could have been used.

Are you going to be part of the problem or the solution? Treat people with love and respect.

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