Welcome to the donation page.

Here at the Yard Sale Consignment, Gift, and Thrift store I work hard to be a store that has a lot of opportunity and Options for the customers that come to see me. I enjoy the job I do and I love to make people laugh. If you have shopped here personally then I hope you had a good time while you were here.

This business while located a little off the main road was launched on October 1, 2020 during the height of the pandemic that has seen the demise of many small business.

I have been running this store every day (Sundays I Take Off) since I opened the doors. I had to take time off after catching Covid19 but that was a measurable 2 weeks. As soon as I tested clear again I was back at it. I have put everything I have into this store and even gone as far as to sell my motorcycle to help keep the doors open.

I do need your help though. The economy is getting worse and times are hard. If you would like to help then there are a few ways you can. 

We take donations of all kinds of goods and products. We accept the following items, 

  • Tools

  • Clothing

  • Furniture

  • Nick-Knack's

  • Electronics

  • Children's toys

  • Bike's

  • Dishes

  • Anything of value

We do Not accept the following

  • Stolen Merchandise

  • Tobacco or other smoking products

  • Alcohol 

  • Kitchen Trash

  • Bathroom Trash

  • Expired Food Products

  • In date Food Products (Please donate that to a food pantry.) 

You can also donate money to the store either as a one time donation or monthly on a subscription style service charged automatically to your credit card by scanning the QR code below, clicking the link provided, or by coming into the store and donating in person. All donations we receive will go to sustaining the store, the bills, and inventory. Thank you again for your help!