Our Thrifty Nickel Odessa Tx

The Thrifty Nickel in Odessa Texas opened its doors in 1980 when  Gail Engelgau happened upon the opportunity to become the middlemen in dealmaking for everyone in their Permian Basin community. After the first 3 months Gail got married to Tim Engelgau.

They started small, with an office and a few layout tables, nurturing an office family the way they began to nurture their own with a new baby fresh out of the oven in 1987. Both the baby and the business grew.

While that growth allowed the Engelgau's to expand to a Midland location, the heart of their operation remained, and still remains today, a neatly hewn family tree. Employing 25 full and part time staff at the Odessa branch, the paper remains incredibly local with the aim of bringing better deals to all who seek them. This is no conglomerate run by fat cats with slicked back hair and greasy ties. This is a business run by a family with the desire to help your family.

The Engelgaus balanced raising a family and business to provide you with opportunities to grow your own pursuits into gigantic bean stalks with not even the sky as their limit.

Gail Engelgau, Publisher
Thrifty Nickel Want Ads
2611 Golder Ave.
Odessa, TX 79761

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